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The Eye Care You Deserve

At City Eye Surgeons, our mission is simple – to help you enjoy life with the best vision possible.

We look after all ophthalmic conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic eye disease, retinal tears, eyelid surgery, tear duct conditions, pterygium, children myopia control, paediatric eye disease, corneal diseases, neuro-ophthalmology, eye trauma and eye emergencies, ocular inflammatory conditions (uveitis).

Our clinic is equipped with the latest and best diagnostic ophthalmic equipment for all aspects of eye care, including latest visual field test machine, Zeiss corneal/A-scan biometer (for cataract surgery) and latest Pentacam topography scan (for LASIK).  We have in clinic YAG/SLT laser.  We we are also able to perform minor procedures such as chalazions and have access to treatment room of our sister clinic in Mount Waverley.

We are dedicated to providing the best evidence-based treatment to your eyes. Take a look at our list of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles!

Our doctors are educators who are dedicated to promoting awareness of eye health.

We are open Saturdays and have extended opening hours on Tuesdays.

Referrals by phone, online, email, fax or Oculo.

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